Shalini Srivastava: A Second Career Empowering Girls Through Tech

Shalini Srivasta
Courtesy of Lisa Xing

Despite the ups and downs, Shalini Srivastava believes she’s been lucky in life. But she is only too aware of how many women have not had the same chances, and decided to do something about it. Using her expertise and network from a long IT career in New Delhi, Srivastava is building tech and life skills in remote communities at the base of the Himalayas, one girl at a time.

“We focus on digital literacy. The aim is to give young women the competence to use these skills as best they can to improve their livelihoods. If they understand how to use a computer and the internet, they can figure out how to market and sell the fruit they harvest, for example, or they might even consider doing something completely different, a possibility never previously imagined.” (more…)