Hyasintha Ntuyeko: Starting Small But Dreaming Big

Hyasintha Ntuyeko

According to those in the know, there are 22 things creative people do differently. For starters, they get inspired at the least expected moment. When they fail, they try again. They are repeatedly told to get real jobs but more often will follow their heart even when this seems unwise. But probably the biggest giveaway that Hyasintha Ntuyeko, a Tanzanian small-business owner with big dreams, sports the creative gene is her uncanny knack for creating opportunity where others only see difficulty.

“You don’t need to move mountains to make a difference. My experience has taught me that the capacity to dream big is not confined to any country, age or gender. The desire to take initiative, be your own boss, advance your life and improve the world is universal as long as you keep in mind, the roadblocks are universal too.” (more…)