Joan Nabwire Osogo: The Tenacious Bootstrapping Kenyan


Joan Nabwire Osogo’s life was turned upside down one month before she was even born. Her father died and all his assets were seized by his male relatives, forcing her mother to abandon the family home and her comfortable life and move with two small children to a one-room dwelling in the Nairobi slum of Huruma. Although as a child she always dreamt of someone coming to save her from the filth and hopelessness, Osogo knew she could only rely on herself to make this happen.

“Once I got fired from a job and went from being able to provide for myself and my mother to barely having anything to eat and almost becoming homeless. That experience changed me. I realized then the importance of being self-sufficient so that external events don’t dictate whether you can put food on the table or not!” (more…)